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Attorney Approach   

   Being a successful attorney requires both knowledge of life and human nature and knowledge of the law and its implementation. The first is acquired only by experience; the other only by hard work. A successful attorney is not one who makes a lot of money. Rather, a successful attorney is one who contributes by any chosen path to make our society more just and decent.”

Howard R. Price approaches prospective clients guided by these beliefs:

  • Never make a promise that cannot be kept simply to get retained.
  • The only guarantee that can be made is to diligently represent the client.
  • The worst thing an attorney can do is to give false or unrealistic expectations.
  • Never tell a client something just because that is what he/she wants to hear.
  • Every client wants to hear the good part of the case, but every client needs to hear the bad part of the case as well.
  • The fear of the unknown is much worse than the fear of the known.
  • Every client deserves open and accessible communication with his/her attorney.
  • Every client deserves to have his/her questions promptly and clearly answered unless they have already been repeatedly answered.
  • The client is not expected to know the law and it is the attorney’s role to explain it when asked.
  • Attorney web site testimonials from anonymous clients are one step above advertisements on the back of a bus.


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