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    Upon being admitted to the Bar, Howard R. Price immediately joined the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office, where he represented thousands of defendants charged with criminal offenses. As a Deputy Public Defender, he handled approximately 75 jury trials, most of which involved serious charges, including numerous homicide cases and one capital murder case that resulted in a hung jury and the eventual dismissal of all charges. He also lectured at weekly seminars and prepared outlines of various areas of the law for use by the office.

   After obtaining this vast and invaluable experience, Howard R. Price entered private practice, where he has continuously represented defendants charged with crimes in both state and federal courts covering the gamut from misdemeanor offenses, such as DUI, to felony offenses, such as murder, Three-Strike and gang cases. In private practice, he has had well over another 200 jury trials and numerous court trials. For example, he represented defendants in two separate capital murder cases involving the execution murders of LAPD officers. Many clients have also included police officers, such as the jury acquittal of an LAPD officer who was audio and video taped soliciting and then picking up $50,000 to commit a murder. Another success was the jury acquittal he obtained for a university professor in possession of over 200,000 child pornography photos and magazines.

   Howard R Price enjoys a diverse and widespread practice involving cases in other states, such as Hawaii, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and other countries, such as Mexico, Honduras and Peru. He represented one of the five defendants in a major cocaine trafficking case tried in Washington, D.C., which lasted six months and involved over 300 government exhibits, over 100 government witness, including 13 informants and cooperators, and numerous wiretaps, which nonetheless resulted in a hung jury for his client.

   Howard R. Price has extended his practice to civil cases having the potential of being tried to a jury. A dermatology medical malpractice case resulted in a jury verdict of almost $1.5 million. Other civil matters have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements in personal injury cases.

   Howard R. Price has a particular interest in civil rights cases involving police misconduct, both in the state and federal courts. A partial list of successful results includes:

  • $150,000 general and $300,000 punitive damages jury verdict against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for excessive force in shooting the client.
  • $500,000 settlement with the Los Angeles Airport Police Department for unlawful arrest and excessive force .
  • $245,000 jury verdict and court awarded attorney’s fees of $132,000 against the California Bureau of Narcotics for unlawful search.
  • $650,000 settlement with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for unlawful search.
  • $379,100 settlement, based on the first police misconduct verdict ever against the Torrance Police Department, involving unlawful detention.
  • $150,000 settlement was additionally obtained when the Torrance Police officer subsequently verbally retaliated against the client.
  • $245,000 jury verdict and over $200,000 in court awarded attorney's fees against the Torrance Police Department for unlawful detention and excessive force.
  • $60,000 settlement, the first ever, with the Redondo Police Department for unlawful arrest.
  • $950,000 settlement with the LAPD for excessive force in shooting the client.
  • $325,000, $275,000 and $115,000 settlements with the LAPD.
  • $1,825,000 settlement with the Glendale Police Department and the National Insurance Crime Bureau for unlawful arrest, search and malicious prosecution.
  • $250,000 settlement with the California Highway Patrol for unlawful arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution.

   Howard R. Price has lectured to various bar groups and seminars, chaired the Criminal Law Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and participated in various radio and television discussions of legal issues and cases including extensive commentary for Court TV on the O.J. Simpson trial. During his long career, he has employed numerous individuals who have later gone on to become prosecutors, public defenders and private practitioners.

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